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Numerical Precision Is Focused On Providing Unique Solutions

For complex geometries, and challenging aerospace parts. By using machine tool technology in new ways we have made CNC turning, 3/4/5 axis CNC milling, wire and ED-Machining more responsive to the needs of prime contractors working on space worthy applications, homeland security programs, cockpit assemblies and communications satellites. We also provide specialized engineering capabilities to assist our customers in solving stubborn challenges at all stages of the manufacturing process.


You'll Find Us Engaged In:

• Prototypes• High Profile Defense Programs• The International Space Station• The Joint Strike Fighter• The Hubble Space Telescope• James Webb Space Telescope
• High Temperature Alloys
• Aircraft Aluminum Alloys
• Titanium
• MP-35 & A-286
• Hastelloy
• Invar & Inconel

Continuous Training and Employee Development

It takes successful, well trained and highly motivated people to administer and run complex aerospace machining services. Internal cross training programs, coupled with vocational courses and industry seminars are continually provided, and fully supported, by Numerical Precision's internal leadership team. ISO9001:2000 and AS9100 certification provides an operational foundation for everyone, including our ASQ certified technicians who verify every job using NIST traceable metrology equipment.

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