Markets served

Upgrade Mission for Hubble Space Telescope

Joint Strike Fighter, Lightning II

Numerical Precision's market niche

Numerical Precision's experience covers a wide span of aerospace applications, based on our analytical approach to complex engineering and machining challenges. Numerical Precision focuses on small to mid-sized sub-assemblies and specialized components which require ultra high precision, high reliability parts that have complex geometry or unique manufacturing challenges.


We believe our customers are drawn to us by our quality, length of service and niche competency... plus our highly trained and motivated engineers, tool & die makers, CNC machinists, supervisors and managers.


Serving Three Primary Sectors:

• Commercial Space, including telecommunications, broadcasting and   weather satellites.• Proprietary Aerospace, including missile navigation and satellite components,
   the Joint Strike Fighter, and other defense related systems.
• Commercial Aircraft, including fuel system components, cockpit chassis
   and control actuators.

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